We are open to exploring new partnerships with organizations working in the areas of Education, Health, Community Development, and Humanitarian Relief. If interested, please contact us at grants@dreambluefoundation.org


Love Pakistan Trust

DBF supports the construction of health clinic center in La Gonave Island in Haiti. Health clinic center has planned to open Dec 2016. We expect more than 35,000 residents can be received disease protection treatment.

Haiti, La Gonave Island

DBF supports the operation of a hospital in rural Pakistan. More than 34,260 out patients have been treated, and 3,670 patients were admitted to the hospital as of March 2016. Children under 10 have also been able to get free treatments thanks to DBF’s continued support.

HOCEM - Pakistan

DBF is supporting construction of a school for low-income students in Bangladesh and Pakistan

HOCEM - Pakistan

DBF is supporting construction of a school for low-income students in Bangladesh

Indonesia K-eduplex

DBF is supporting a university level educational project for disadvantaged students through IT training and foreign language acquisition in Indonesia

* Technology in Education Grant

Queen Rania Foundation

Deliver Massive Open Online Courses to educate and train Arab youth in order to reduce the skills gap in the Middle East

Syria/Iraq Refugees School

DBF supports the operation of Refugees school in Erbil, Iraq for Syrian/Iraqi refugees.


Modernize education in Tunisia by training school teachers to incorporate technology in the classroom

World Education

Develop a web-based platform targeted at out-of-school children in Cambodia to provide information that would reduce vulnerability and improve their chances of better work and life outcomes


DBF supports the Creating and distributing culturally appropriate HIV education software in India. The teachAID materials were broadcast on 15 public and private television channels. Tele-education program simultaneously broadcast to more than 200,000 children.


DBF supported repairs and renovation of a faith-based organization that serves as a community center. The center is host to numerous activities such as provision of food-assistance to low-income families in Jerusalem

Syria/Iraq Humanitarian Relief Efforts

DBF  donated fund toward humanitarian relief efforts in Syria through UNHCR-USA